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Horse Pest Control Supplies

Especially in the warm months, fly control for horses is part of ensuring your horses’ safety, happiness and health. Keeping their stalls clean and changing their bedding as recommended are both important. However, comprehensive pest control for horses also includes putting physical and chemical barriers between irritating critters and your animals. Masks cover the horse’s eyes and ears, offering protection to these sensitive areas without obstructing their vision or hearing. Disposable fly traps contain an attractant to lure flies away from your animals in a way that’s easy for you to clean up. Spray-on repellents keep biting bugs away from your horses without damaging their skin or coat.

Caring for horses is not a small task, but a significant responsibility. The Village Mercantile understands and shares your dedication to your animals’ health and well-being. All of our equine pest control products are safe and humane, with no compromise to their quality. Established in 1992, our family-owned and -operated store is a trusted feed distributor in the Rio Grande Valley. Our carefully selected products are available online as well as in our storefront located in Corrales, NM.

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