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Horse Tack Supplies

Taking care of tack is important for you and your horse. You put a lot of thought, money and energy into buying your tack, so you want to protect it with the best horse tack cleaner you can find. Your horse relies on you to keep your tack in good condition for the comfort of both of you. Although many leather treatments are available in the market today, we have sourced the safest possible leather saddle conditioners so you don’t have to expose your horses to potentially harmful chemicals.

Just as chemicals used to clean our clothes can irritate skin, common leather and tack cleaners can cause your horse discomfort. At The Village Mercantile, our horse experts believe that your horse tack conditioner should be safe and humane. That commitment to equine excellence is why we’ve earned our reputation as the Rio Grande Valley’s most trusted distributors. Visit our Corrales, NM, storefront, or shop our selection of equine care products online.

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Farnam 3000454 Leather Foam Cleaner and Polish Farnam 3001409 Leather Conditioner Farnam 32601 Saddle Soap
Farnam 77651 Neatsfoot Oil Farnam 32602 Saddle Soap Quality Rubber Resource KMA360600F Utility Mat
Quality Rubber Resource KMA480720F Utility Mat Quality Rubber Resource KMA400960F Utility Mat Quality Rubber Resource KMA480960F Utility Mat
Quality Rubber Resource KMA600960F Utility Mat Quality Rubber Resource KMA600120F Utility Mat Quality Rubber Resource ASM4872-DR3/4 Rubberstall Mat