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Salt and Mineral Blocks for Horses

Wild horses forage through the seasons for nutrient-rich herbs and dirt when they are in need of minerals. Fortunately, your horses will never have to leave the pasture to have a complete, healthy diet all year long. Vitamins and minerals are an inexpensive yet easy to overlook part of a horse’s diet. Our equine mineral blocks offer horses a complete balance of salt and minerals to help meet their daily nutritional needs. Salt blocks for horses help make sure that your horse gets its required 1 to 2 ounces of salt per day.

Whether your horses are working on the farm or competing in equestrian shows, proper nutrition is key to their health, performance and overall well-being. The Village Mercantile’s selection of mineral blocks for horses is available here in our online store as well as at our storefront located in Corrales, New Mexico. With over 25 years of experience helping you care for your horses, we are a trusted resource in equine care and feeding.

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